Our Caravaning Page

Our style to camp

On the one hand you can talk hours about what the best style of camping is, which caravan or tent will be the best or which equipment you should have. On the other side I think everybody should get his own experiances and find out what he likes with camping and what is comfortable for himself and maybe for his family too. Our family do camping for a long time, first with a old rebuilt VW-Bully, the childrens used often a tent. Since meanwhile more than ten years we have an own caravan. With our caravan and with caravan parks we made a lot of experiances which we will partly share here.

Starting with this page we will show you which equipment we have, on the following pages we will show you some pics of the places we joined.

Our equipment


At the moment we use for all our trips our Lada 4x4, because it is our only car. It can carry the caravan below, just it has a bit less power if we drive strongly uphill. That is why we work too on a second car, whicht might be a Skoda Kodiaq


Knaus Südwind TKF 550
  -> for our family still good, even with some experiance something could be better.


Fritz Berger partly Pretent "Zermatt"
  -> We decided to sell our big pretent because it needs always to much time to built it and when the weather is nice we like better to sit outside. For bad weather or winter we stay inside and this tent give us enough place to store our things and protect the entrance from wind and weather.
  -> Since few years we have a shade plane, which we can zip in easily. It allow us to sit outside on sunny days and protect the caravan front a bit from sun as well.


For us one of the important buys was an extra ref. This is specially in summer a big help if you have to keep fruits, vegetables or drinks. On the other hand with a child and the equipment you have to bring with a baby, there is often to less space to bring a extra ref. Good too is the beach vehicle we bought and which you can use for transporting canous, beach equipment or the dirty water tank.


Current plans

As usual our Caravan is during Winter seasons at our favorite place where we can park it. This place behind the company W+S GmbH - Lackchemie und Aerosol Technik and very close to our home, so we can for exemple clean there if needed or prepare for our coming trips.

For our next summer vacction we have already a reservation at Campingpark Breitenauer See where we will spent about 3 weeks at August 2019.

Some impressions

Caravan impressions from our Family