Our Paddle Page

Our equipment

Canadian Canoe

Indian Canoe Nova 17" Our Boat for trips with the complete family with enough space even for something for the break and so far needed for stay overnight as well


Prijon C359 Owned and used by Maria
  Prijon Dayliner L Stefans Kayak for smaller trips on our river
  Lettmann ? One for the kids to discover paddling


Kober X-Dream 150 cm Stefans paddle for the Canadian Canoe
  Moll Yukon 230 cm Marias Paddle

Life Vests

Grabner ? Great for the open canoe, but we had to cut few parts which disturbed
will be more updated soon...

Common Notices

Rules on the river

Will be updated and published here soon

Weather and River Informations

Current Weather

Current Weather Situation and Forecast (Detailed information, and you should have a bit an idea of how to interpret it)
  At www.wetter.com you will find a more graphical based Forecast

River Gauges

At www.hnd.bayern.de you will find Informations about the Bavarian rivers
  The River gauges of Hessia you will find at hochwasservorhersage.hlug.de
  At www.hvz.baden-wuerttemberg.de you will find the River Informations of Baden-Würtemberg

Pictures of our Paddling Trips

Some Expressions of our Paddling Trips